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Rouchi partner investissement

Rouchi Partner Investissement is a holding family company, managing the family assets in a diverse array of subsidiary companies. The company is managed by a combination of family and non-family professionals.

We make strategic principal investments in businesses in select industries that exhibit exceptional potential for growth and expansion.

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Activity sector

The Maritime Transport and Logistics are at the forefront of the country’s economic activities as more than 95% of Algeria’s foreign trade is done by sea …

The development of agriculture in Algeria is a tangible reality; its growth in recent years has been seen especially with the decline of the main Algeria’s resources …

Another sector that RPI Holding Spa offer its services; which is a strong support to the maritime structure and excels…

Survey & expertise division is added to the field of the maritime chain where it operates very strong acquisitions.

At the heart of our mission is a deep commitment to the health and well-being of everyone. Rouchi Healthcare a leader committed to medical innovation for a healthier future.

Commercial and financial consultancy

Analysis and evaluation of the financial balance sheet of potential companies for a possible investment in order to grow them



Opportunity Analysis

The analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to assess the internal and external opportunities of an institution / organization.

Investment Sector

The Group’s activities are diverse and varied; they touch a multitude of sectors in shipping, digital, agriculture and trading.


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